The Adventist Youth Department caters to all youth and young adults.

The Black Rock Adventist Youth Society






Adventist Youth Leader- Shakeila Payne

Associate Adventist Youth Leader- Christon Smith

Adventist Youth Secretary - Shakelia Payne

Devotional Leader - Kadeem Pinder

Choristers- Keona Nowell, Kadeem Pinder, Chad Forde


The Leaders in A.Y took up specific areas of responsibility, those areas and leaders assigned are as follows:


    Mission                 Inreach           Social                Health



Total Membership Involvement

A.Y. starts at 4:15 p.m. every Sabbath evening

Sabbath Time


Place: Barbados

Start: 06:20 PM, 01/25/2019

End: 06:21 PM, 01/26/2019


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